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With the success of DUT's Mix Heads, DUT soon found that their "Solutions for Polyurethanes" focus required them to manufacture complete metering systems, and then as the commonly known A2VK Series of Chemical Metering Pumps production was coming to a close, there remains a void in the supply and yet demand for these very durable metering pumps still remains.  DUT completely redesigned their DMP Series of Chemical Metering pumps so that they are drop-in, bolt-on replacements for the A2VK counterparts.  Additionally, DUT set as criteria that their pumps will be much easier to work on, in fact, easy enough so that the majority of Maintenance Departments can easily rebuild their own metering pumps - saving tens of thousands of dollars over the pumps service life. They did not copy the old A2VK series of pumps which have been around since maybe the late 1950's and 1960's - and took that what was good (Bearings [no cheap roller bearings] and Rotating Group) and redesigned the balance of the pump to today's commonly recognized high-efficiency standards. The DUT pumps have a lot fewer parts, and that is what makes them so easy to disassemble and reassemble.

High-Pressure Metering Pumps

High-Pressure Metering Pumps by DUT (Dual Use Technologies):

DUT Korea was established in 1992 and quickly became a leading manufacturer, and a High-Pressure Polyurethane Solutions Provider for the Polyurethanes Industry. Initially, DUT's focus was solely on High-Pressure Mix Heads. Then, as their Korean Customers came to appreciate the quality, price and the longevity that was incorporated into their mix heads, their Customers demanded more.  To this day, DUT's core business is their High-Pressure Mix Heads.  Without a doubt, DUT is one of the top 3 manufacturers of High-Pressure Mix Heads in terms of Mix Heads manufactured.