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Hunter Polyurethane Equipment, Incorporated; 2425 Amesbury Road, Akron, OH 44313 Phone: (330) 805-4414; Website:

Hunter Polyurethane Equipment (HPE) and DUT Korea are proud to offer a complete line of High Pressure Polyurethane Processing Equipment for the North American Polyurethanes Industry.  Our product offerings include:  Complete Turn-Key Polyurethane Production Plants along with Robotic Integration, High Pressure Mix Heads (L-Style Mix Heads, Straight Style Mix Heads, 2-6 and 12 Component Mix Heads, Abrasive resistant Mix Heads and Specialty Mix Heads for Continuous and Discontinuous Insulated Panel Production), Chemical Metering Pumps that directly replace the commonly know A2VK Series (Sizes 6, 12, 28, 55 and 107cc/rev), Magnetic Couplings for all sized motor and pump arrangements including Full Flow and PEEK Canisters options, S/D High Pressure Select Valves (pneumatic actuated),.  

Our mission is simple, to always exceed our Customer’s expectations with innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Both the HPE and DUT organizations strive to make the highest quality components available, all the while, keeping our costs to you, our valued Customer, at a most reasonable and competitive level. 

Whether your production involves polyurethane foams that are: Rigid, Flexible, Integral Skinning, Insulating (including systems that are Cyclopentane blown), or Visco Elastic, then HPE and DUT are both proud to offer the equipment designed specifically for your application.  


DUT Korea was established in 1992 and has proven itself as a global leader for Polyurethane Equipment. The DUT Mix Heads, Metering Units and Dry Side modules are being used in approximately 56 countries around the globe, and include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zeeland, Poland, United Kingdom and the United States.  It is safe to say that just about all of the Polyurethane Industry Multi-national titans are likely using some of the DUT components in at least one and likely several of their factories.


DUT and HPE understand fast paced, high volume production, where Polyurethane Processing machinery up-time adds directly to your bottom line - Profitability. From a Customer Support perspective, DUT and HPE make every attempt to make it as easy for you to work with us as possible, especially when your situation demands immediate support.  DUT has grown their business mainly due to their relationships with their 300-400 customers located around the globe, by providing the highest quality of customer service possible.  The global marketplace with overnight shipments from all corners of the world are truly a remarkable tool for all to utilize. HPE intends to do their part in maintaining DUT’s track record of superior Customer Service for North America by maintaining an ample inventory of High Pressure Mix Heads, Orifice Assemblies, seal kits, etc. plus Chemical Metering Pumps: sizes 12cc and 28cc and the seals/replacement rotating groups necessary to maximize your production up time. 


DUT’s end-users have shown their acceptance through repeated orders and by expanding the number of DUT components in the production facilities. DUT has a proven system that provides for prompt response to Customer Support, fast deliveries on Spare Parts and fast turnaround times on repairs.  Please feel free to contact our Sales Department to discuss how we can benefit your Organization.

We've teamed up with contracted Service Technicians with years of field experience servicing all OEM's Equipment (Cannon, KM, Hennecke and others). Please contact Hunter Polyurethane Equipment to quote an estimated cost for the service required to get your existing machine operating at its peak performance.